June 3, 2019

12-week individual Health Coaching program designed to help you create and reach your goals

by making real lasting lifestyle and behavior changes. I will empower you to discover your own wisdom and strengths, help you create your own solutions to problems, support you without judgment, and hold you accountable to your goals. 

Customized fitness programming based on specific needs, feedback, and health issues

One initial 60-minute intake, two 60-minute sessions to discuss your goals and plan, and nine 30-minute individual phone or in-person consultation with Izzy with a customized approach based on personal challenges, needs, and responses  

Set your start date with Izzy. Proceed at your own pace. All aspects of the program can be customized to your needs

Option to implement a 30-day "Paleo" inspire diet plan based on my personal experience and the latest science, a diet plan recommended by your healthcare practitioner or any anti-inflammatory/whole foods diet of choice.

Two 30-minute group conference calls to educate, coach, and address Q & A. Call will be recorded 

Three 30-minutes, private phone consultation with Izzy to discuss personal challenges and needs  

Group program start date is pre-determined. A minimum of 4 participants is required.

An initial preparation week with private website access to program guidelines and resources, including videos. At your option, I can guide you through a proven 3 to 5-day exercise to jump-start your energy and weight loss journey

Paleo recipe resources, snacks, and meal ideas

21-day IzzyFit cardio interval program (walking, running, or using cardio equipment)

IzzyFit bodyweight workouts with instructional videos by Izzy (Separate workouts from basic to advanced)

Stress management tools to help overcome challenges of the mind​

Educational videos, texting support, and e-mail access to Izzy Attai

Accountability, weekly updates, and ongoing coaching by Izzy, certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Access to a private Facebook community for support, motivation, and education

Customized supplement recommendations to support general health 

Access to Izzy to answer pressing questions


Group Program (5 weeks): $187 

Customized Individual Program (12 weeks): $600




June 3, 2019


Centennial, CO United States 80122


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