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Izzy Attai

Making Connections  

My goal is to support you as you tap into your inner strength, wisdom, and motivation to live a healthier and happier life. Whether your goal is to lose weight, feel better in your skin, address a health challenge, or create a healthy balance, my proven mind-body approach will help you see how you are an intersecting web of connections. Together, we will address all aspects of the web to achieve your lifestyle and overall wellbeing goals.

Finding Health Solutions That Work for You

Changing your lifestyle require a collaborative relationship with me and your wellness plan. Your wellness plan may consist of developing and maintaining a progressive exercise regimen, finding the right diet, applying stress reduction strategies, nurturing a positive mindset, and/or finding the persistence needed to sustain healthy habits. My mission is to guide you along each step of your customized journey, empowering you to make decisions based on your values, strengths, and needs.  

Partner with Me as Your Coach

Together we will set and achieve mutually agreed goals and timelines that are realistic and healthy. I will hold you accountable, challenge you as needed, and provide the resources, education, and motivation to empower you to overcome obstacles. 

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