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"When I first met Izzy over a year ago, I was at a low place in my life, desperate for answers and direction. The first time I talked with her, I knew she really cared. Izzy wisely and intuitively discerns situations and circumstances, helping me process them and guide me towards solutions and results. She is kind and gentle, but with a toughness and perseverance that is contagious. She invests herself in you and because of this, you aren't just a formula; she really sees you and your situation. Izzy has often gone above and beyond my expectations. She doesn't just focus on the hour we have together. Often during the week, I would receive texts or emails with information, articles, podcasts, book recommendations, or just encouragement.
I would not be where I am today without Izzy and her genuine care for me. She was often the one and only person that kept me going. If you really want results, Izzy has my highest recommendation. You won't regret partnering with her. If you are willing to put the time and energy in, she will meet you with 100% of what she has."

Wendy Esterly - 11.8.2023

"Izzy is truly passionate about health and fitness and she uses that passion to inspire others to improve their lives.  She is not just doing her job – she is sharing her passion.  She is continually expanding her knowledge and she shares that knowledge with and personalizes it for you as an individual.   I have been training with Izzy for several years and she always challenges me on every level and works with me to create an overall healthy lifestyle.   She really cares about her clients and it shows!"

Megan K.

"Izzy guided me through the process of evaluating all aspects of my life to instill a sense of harmony, calm and connectedness that I was struggling to achieve on my own. Izzy taught me how to gain the clarity and focus that is needed to be fully present and to create the mental sharpness needed to achieve the balance that I sought. With Izzy's coaching I was able to start a successful business, consistently get out and run (I just completed my first half marathon too!), begin and maintain a solid meditation practice, live more purposefully through goal setting and incorporating more of the adventurous hiking that I love."

Nicole D.

"As a pretty physically fit person who is not overweight, I was surprised to learn last summer that my blood sugar was a little high.  Knowing that my mother and grandfather both had diabetes, which led to dementia in later years, I decided to take this very seriously.  So much to learn about nutrition and blood sugar!  Izzy was incredible.  I learned so much from her.  Thirty days of meal logs with Izzy's feedback were instrumental in me getting my glucose under control without medication. I don't diet, but I've changed my diet.  I've lost 10 pounds without even meaning to.  My energy level is still great.  Izzy still sends me info and articles she knows I'll like, even though our formal 'contract' is over.  Great personal care."

Martha R.

"IzzyFit was able to help me understand my body’s ability to absorb change through a new food regime, gut healing, and mind and body connection. Within a few short months, I was able to lose 15pounds of my post-baby weight. Not only was the weight loss important to me, but the best result I was able to receive was mind clarity and energy. I was better able to happily function through my demanding day with four children, one being 4 months. I strongly recommend Izzyfit to help accomplish your goals whether it’s for weight loss, gut health, or overall energy through mind clarity. Thanks, IZZYFIT!"

Angela L.

"I originally sent my teenage daughter to IzzyFit to educate her on the importance of an appropriate diet and balance. The "pyramid" diagram of nutrition that kids learn in school just isn't enough for a high school athlete who also competes in club sports. As I soon learned, it's also not enough for a 50 year old mother trying to understand why she isn't as fit as in her youth. Izzy Attai helped us with so much more than just losing weight. She gave us the gift of empowerment, to be in control of our own health and fitness and the knowledge necessary to obtain our goals. Her constant support through one-on-one sessions or group yoga classes was key to our success. It became essential for us to have someone to call upon with questions, strategies and emotional support. What we learned at IzzyFit will be with us for the rest of our lives. We truly do appreciate all that you did for us!!!!!"


"My husband and I are USANA success stories and huge fans.  Together we have lost 17 pounds and still counting.  My husband was on a path for diabetes; I had fatigue and stalled weight-loss.   We joined the USANA 5-week program because it offered the tools needed to change our eating habits.   We were introduced and guided by an incredible coach, Izzy Attai, who provided support, education, and accountability throughout the five weeks.  When there were things that I personally didn’t want to give up – Izzy provided the benefits of doing so and encouraged me until I made it.  She provided feedback on our daily menus and offered suggestions on foods and recipes, and how to build healthy habits.  After five weeks, we now have confidence and motivation to stay on this path for continued health and well-being.  Thank you, Izzy, for your coaching and much-needed support.  We could not have done it without you!"

Abby T.

"I really enjoyed Izzy's Thrive for Life Weight Loss Challenge. I lost 12.6 lbs and 9.1 inches!  I achieved my results by eating healthier (more veggies and fruit), exercising consistently, and cutting way back on my sugar intake. My clothes fit better, my knee doesn't hurt as much, and now I have good energy throughout the day."


“I lost 9.2 lb and 5.4 inches in Isabelle’s 5-week weight loss challenge. We had a plan and stuck to the plan. I have more energy and just feel better.”

Kurt K.

“I lost 7 lbs, 6.4 inches and 6% of my body weight in the 5 week Thrive for Life Weight Loss Challenge. Making a commitment to a group and having weekly goals helped me achieved results. Now that I fit into my clothes better, I can see that it worked."


“During my first year of my long-term weight loss plan to lose 60 lbs, I lost approximately 20 lbs but I was stuck at that weight as I had not figured out how to change my eating habits. I tried many different diets over the years which all worked but only temporarily, then the weight came right back and more… Isabelle then introduced me to USANA and the healthy lifestyle with the low glycemic approach.  Finally, I found what I was looking for. This approach is not just for a short-term fix but for a real lifestyle change that I can follow the rest of my life. I then lost another 26 lbs in the year after starting this approach and easily kept the weight off with regular exercise.  

During the holidays over the past month, I ate some great desserts that my mom always makes at this time of year and didn't follow my low glycemic eating habits as well and quickly gained back some weight. Therefore, I decided to do a RESET to get back in the right direction. This time I lost 11 lbs in 5 weeks and plan to continue to get to my goal of 60 lbs.

Since starting this program, I've been able to reduce the dosage of my cholesterol medicine by half and my blood pressure has reduced from borderline high to normal.Isabelle has a very good program with good follow-up. I'm sure you don't get a practically free nutrition plan and diet challenge anywhere else.”  

John D.

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